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Digital Strategy & Enterprise Technology Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in the digital space spanning the full spectrum of industries, from aerospace to fashion, we are uniquely poised to help companies craft, develop, execute manage and optimize their digital strategy and technology ecosystem.

Not quite an agency and not quite a consulting firm, we are experts that seamlessly embed ourselves within your organization to create organic, potent solutions that are not just adopted, but championed.


Ecommerce, Digital Strategy & Online Marketing

With our ethos founded in technology and innovation, we bring a unique perspective to the traditional agency approach, which usually starts with creative.  By taking a technology-first position in everything we do, we are able to create an a basis of innovation, integration and intelligence, which is the way of the future.  

Our project teams are hand selected from a curated pool of industry experts with a passion to create, but more importantly, innovate.


Custom App & Platform Development

Although the digital landscape is rife with platforms and apps, technologies are not one-size-fits-all.  Our team of seasoned developers marry the best practices of market leaders with your  needs to create a powerful enterprise-level solution that suits your specific business needs to a T.

Select Clients


Samsung worked with Luminant Digital to design and develop design, highly branded, engaging social media interfaces that were on display through the Samsung CES experience, including a leaderboard that tracked and rewarded top contributors via social media. 


Microsoft selected Luminant Digital to develop a real-time social data sharing and gamification experience dedicated to polling sentiment about social media tools in business, featuring immediate feedback from the audience. 


Luminant Digital leads and manages the organization’s technology strategy and ongoing development for custom enterprise solutions.

Sergio Rossi

Luminant Digital worked with Sergio Rossi to establish a digital strategy and execute on all tactics, including email marketing and acquisition, social media, SEO & SEM.


Luminant Digital was contracted as agency of record for a full spectrum of digital services, from working with Mustela on a site design and replatforming to strategic, high-converting online marketing programs.


Luminant Digital worked with Chantelle to create its first global ecommerce execution, followed by a comprehensive digital strategy for all online marketing channels.

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